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Thursday, 19 April 2018

A walk on the wild side.

It was a beautiful morning. Here are some pictures from today's dog walking.

 At play - Fidel, Favi and Blondina. !
 Up to the plateau.
 Casa De La Realidad - looking good.
 It's kind'a dry. !
 On the plateau looking out towards the sea.
 Looking North West.
 Nature is STRONG
 Good for the bees.
 Not a lot of green !
 Looking down into the Nacamiento, (Spring)
 A notable Carob Tree.
 You can see - we are in trouble. ! Water for the village is coming from inside the mountain about 30 meters further up this line of entrances. These tunnels were created 2,000 years ago. Thank you to the Romans. !

 Very small flow.
 Not much left of "the love pools".
 Actually quite shocking. !
 The river s fragmented just below the love pools. It does flow a few meters further on.
 Looking up from the Irrigation Line.
 Looking down the river.
 An excellent new wall from Honsa.
 And another.
 Looking good. Back home.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Bore Holes (the blue spots), on the Aquas, (El Rio) Aquifer.

 Above, (the blue spots), you see the hundreds of legal boreholes.
Above you see an enormous water deposito and some of the millions of olive trees.

Below you see our street signs in Sorbas.

Ecocidio de El Río de Aguas

 Escándalo Internacional - Escándalo Provincial
Escándalo Europeo

¿Quien es responsable?


060.008 Aguas – (El Rio De Aguas)

2015 Datos de la sobreexplotación del acuífero 060.008    422%

En conclusión

Venimos a denunciar la inactividad de la Junta de Andalucía al estar tolerando de forma reiterada en el tiempo la sobreexplotación de la unidad hidrogeológica”060.008” “Aguas” y el deterioro y/o la destrucción de los ecosistemas que de él dependen, que no son patrimonio andaluz exclusivamente, sino patrimonio común de los europeos, de acuerdo a la legislación comunitaria. 

Concretamos dicha inactividad en la ausencia de elaboración de un programa específico de recuperación del acuífero, la falta de constitución de una comunidad de usuarios o de una encomienda temporal a alguna entidad representativa de los intereses concurrentes y la no limitación cautelar de extracciones,  obligaciones pendientes desde al menos, el año 2011.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

To the UN General Assembly in New York

I am keeping busy. I will get "back on the case" with pictures
 - New York will be a good start. 

Big hugs to you all. David. 

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David Frederick Dene David Frederick Dene posted this message on Basecamp.

An invitation to the UN General Assembly in New York

I have accepted an invitation to attend a meeting of the UN General Assembly at the UN in New York. The meeting is entitled the "Eighth Interactive Dialogue of the General Assembly on Harmony with Nature". 
I am invited to attend as an expert on Earth Jurisprudence.

I will fly to New York next Sunday, April 22 and I will attend the meeting on Monday April 23 . I will be back in Almeria on Wednesday morning April 25 to finalize preparations for our fundraising event Festival En Defensa Del Agua which we will hold in Los Molinos on Saturday April 28th.

Here are some details of the conference in New York:

http://files. harmonywithnatureun.org/ uploads/upload594.pdf

and here is the program for the day:

http://files. harmonywithnatureun.org/ uploads/upload614.pdf

Within the contexts of this meeting our case, as being one of the clearest cases of Ecocide in Europe, has merit, which is one perfect reason for my attendance.

For those of you who speak and read Spanish I attach our Escrito presented to the Cosejeria de Medio Ambiente  y Ordenacion del Territorio De La Junta Del Andalucia. (CMAOT)  and written by our lawyer Cristina Alvarez Baquerizo, of Madrid.

Our Association "Ecocidio Del Rio Aguas" is presenting this denouncement for inactivity and I am signing the denouncement as the president of the Association. I am attaching the articles of our Association.

The "Escrito"  is a powerful document and we will follow it with legal action primarily at the National level and secondarily with a view to using the European Courts.

We need financial help to further our work. I have personally invested Euros 3,000 to initiate this action. My friend Silviu has donated his time in creating a donations web site:


If you are able to donate any amount small or large, this will be of great help to us.

All funds will be distributed through our Association and we will show transparency in all transactions by publishing details of our bank statements. We estimate a need for 10,000 Euros.

Sent with many thanks for any financial assistance you are able to give and wishing you all a great week ahead.

Ever onwards,