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Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunday June 12th 2011

Well, a quiet day.

Saturday night was a quiet party at Claudia's. The art show was good with many different artists and sculptors attending and displaying. A good "turn out" - quiet a lot from El Rio including most of "the holiday visitors" - those who own houses here and come once a year for a month or so. They are very much a "mixed blessing", as they do at times seem so very "out of touch" with who we are and how we live in this beautiful village, and one particular couple are "ever so keen" to call the Guardia Civil at any opportunity. 

There are two sayings in English which apply to this situation. One phrase advises us that when we live in a glass house it is not advisable to throw stones, and the other informs us that bulls are very dangerous in shops which are full of china.

I often feel that we are here by a stroke of good fortune and we should honour that fortune and settle all disputes in the village. The authorities are kind to us and turn the proverbial blind eye to our obvious imperfections, therefore I feel it, oh, so unwise, to call in the authorities for a noisy party.

The "human condition", how strange it all is. !!

Yesterday Sunday was a good day. We started a big "spring clean" in the library getting ready for the film crew arriving at the weekend. We also set up the sound system on the terrace, ate an excellent lunch, beef steak with apricot and cheese and new boiled potatoes, from the garden, tossed in butter and grated cheese, with a fresh salad, followed by ice cream and cream, and coffee, and a movie called Sunshine.

Wow, what a life. !!

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