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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Digging Again. Laying a Pipe Line

We are laying this pipe in the highest part of the Irrigation Line.
 We have to be very careful to keep a good level.
 Errol and Lukas fine tuning the level.
 Next week we must dig back and expose the end of a  buried pipe which we need to join on to.
 18 meters laid so far. Not quite half way. Going well.


  1. Good work ! - I guess the original builders of the acequia did it like this ( using water in acequia to get the correct level )

    1. It just makes sense, I had not thought of it in that way before. Basically it is the easiest way. We use a piece of wood to give us the depth measurement, marked with the depth we need. All super simple - so far so good. !

  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydraulic_empire

  3. Strong stuff. !

    A hydraulic empire (also known as a hydraulic despotism, or water monopoly empire) is a social or government structure which maintains power and control through exclusive control over access to water. It arises through the need for flood control and irrigation, which requires central coordination and a specialized bureaucracy.[1]

    Often associated with these terms and concepts is the notion of a water dynasty. This body is a political structure which is commonly characterized by a system of hierarchy and control often based on class or caste. Power, both over resources (food, water, energy) and a means of enforcement such as the military are vital for the maintenance of control.