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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

November 6th. A panoramic from the hills around El Rio.

We had nearly 4 liters of rain per square meter yesterday. 
 Picking "rocket". It is growing wild in huge quantities. !
 A view from the top looking across to the Filabres mountains.
 I am going to cross the valley and up the hill on the other side. !
 I am now on the top of the hill on the other side and looking up the valley towards Sorbas.
 Looking the other way down the valley towards the Nacimiento, (The Spring) of El Rio. You see the dry river bed.
 I need to go down and up the other side. !
 The way down. Wild boar tracks.
 I am on the top - the other side - a view of Sorbas and the snow capped Sierra Nevada in the background.
Looking the other way towards Mojacar. 
 Walking across the plateau.
 Coming back into El Rio.
 Always a beautiful view looking up the valley.
 And there we are - up the hill to Casa De La Realidad.

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