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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Eco Restoration - Sunseed - Back To The Future

This is an example of some excellent environmental conservation and restoration work. 

What the charity does

  • Education/training
  • Environment/conservation/heritage

This restored wall will stop the massive erosion which you can see below the wall.

The project was birthed by Raymond  a founder of "Urban Street Forest", and taken on by "Sunseed". 

Dimitri and Juan, of the Sunseed team took on this work and this is the finest and most effective Eco-Restoration work that I have seen in my 29 years in El Rio.

"The organisation concentrates its efforts on education and training, the conservation of heritage sites and the environment's protection and training and education. It works to the benefit of the general public."
Resources - a ruin and committed eco-restoration visitors staying in the village and with Sunseed.

Below is a good article about Sunseed.

The Irrigation Line functioning and using the same tunnels hacked out of the rock 2,000 years ago is definitely a heritage site.

Thank you again Sunseed for your help. Here at the Casa De Realidad we are getting our team together for a "mission". Pipe cleaning. !
We are in action. See Rudolpho, red shorts. He has been a part of our village team for 20 years. 

It works when our village works together, sharing resources, focusing on conserving our bio diversity in the face of Ecocide. 

We are an Eco-Village, focusing on Eco-Restoration and experiencing an Ecocide. We are not depressed and behaving like victims. 

Sunseed are a large part of this village and I would say a note of thanks to the directors/trustees of Sunseed would be well appreciated and appropriate. Their names and addresses are in the "link".

We cleaned 120 meters of pipework with the cleaning rods. Success and a good flow in the village.


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