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Monday, 25 January 2021

Going for FULL POWER. 4 new high power panels at 340 watts each panel have arrived. 34 cents per watt. Amazing price. !

 Here we go - new panels ready for fitting

Here we go again - moving 240 watt panels back to the lower roof space
Now to adapt the frame for the bigger panels.
Ondra is fixing extension holding bars on the old frame which supported  6 panels of 110 watts each. 
2 new galvanized iron bars fixed to extend the frame for the new panels.
Nicky and Ondra fixing the first of 3 panels

There we go. First 3 in place. 1 Kw of power. Yea !
Now for # 4 panel. Ondra constructed the frame from galvanized iron. Ondra has drilled into the beam and inserted bolts in order to secure the frame.
Ondra, Eva and Nicky are placing the frame on the beam.
Ondra, Eva and Nicky taking a break.
Ondra wiring in the new panels.
Errol wiring in fuses for the new system.

And here we are - 4 new high power panels installed. Excellent work. 

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