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Sunday, 10 June 2018

A clinb up the crystal rock mountain.

A good view of the Casa De La Realidad
 About half way up the rock face. !

 Dashinka looking good.

  I need to climb up through this space
 Great view looking up the valley towards the Nacamiento
 Albo, Honsa's doggie friend.
 Favi sitting on the edge. !

 Remote piece of "real estate" - holiday home - no neighbours. !
 Looking up the valley towards the Filabres Mountains
 Shwartzi, (Arnold Schwartzeneger) checking things out.

 Dashinka is "top model" today.
 Favi and Blondina are enjoying some good smells.

Looking down at the exits from the Roman water tunnel.

 That was a good walk. A beautiful Sunday.

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