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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Our Oasis - critical water levels - Do not get depressed we are doing all we can and we have a powerful lawyer- beautiful but dry countryside - Sunday walk with the dogs.

This first picture shows the oasis created from our irrigation line.
 Apricots for my breakfast
This is not good. How long have we got. ? Maybe three more months without rain and.........see for yourselves - critical is what I call it. This is the water measuring point at the top of the irrigation line. !
 These were known as "the love pools". El Rio De Aguas is in danger of drying up.
 Previously this was a lagoon.
 A mere trickle from inside the mountain. ! Happily there is still enough water flowing inside the tunnel to feed the irrigation line. The question is for how long. ?
 The feed from the Nacamiento, (the spring) , is, like the Nacamiento - dry. !
 Hill climbing. !
 Oops - a good thing that we were able to stop the planting of 1,800 almonds per hectare on this land. !!! 800 meters from the source of El Rio. !
 We are walking in a dry river bed.
 Back in our Oasis

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  1. The problem being that even if measures are taken the damage has already being done and the process needs to be reversed to restore what we once had.