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Friday, 8 June 2018

Ths post Illustrates our lack of water.

First of all our measuring point. This is VERY LOW. !

This pictures shows NO FLOW from the Nacamiento (spring) Previously water flowed as a small river feeding INTO the tunnel. Water is now flowing OUT FROM this tunnel.
The picture below shows a trickle of water flowing from this tunnel exit running from the main tunnel behind.
This was where we used to have a dam to feed water into this tunnel.
Another view of the same tunnel clearly showing the drop in water level over the last 4 years. See the high line. Water is now flowing inside this "exit" feeding our Irrigation line and micro-climates along it's length.
This is a picture of the flow above "the love pools", before the little water-fall.
And here is the river "flow" down from my house in the middle of the valley.
Not very good news and good to have these pictures "on line". 
 No rain in sight. ! Beautiful day - 27 degrees.

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