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Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday July 29th., 2011

Ivi has done great baking - see CAKE photo ! Ivi, Filipe and Kuba have finished the library - it looks great. Peter has spent another day in the Filabres and is just about to replace a polythene pipe in The Pita Escuela. The polythene had crystallized where it was open to the light. I have pruned the Apricot tree, cutting off the dead branches, been shopping to Sorbas, posted a couple of links to www.david-daviddenespick of the news.blogspot.com relating to Solar Storms and Earthquake reports, and have finished reading a large book. !

The weather continues pretty warm but not overpoweringly hot - low to mid 30's. It is one of the coolest Summers of the last 20 years. Oscar came over for dinner last night and he has kept records for the last 15 years. 

He is doing well "healtwise" having been for 3 weeks in Intensive Care earlier in the year. The Doctors still do not know what went wrong, in the event, they had to drain fluids from all around his internal organs owing to an infection caused by......that's the question.

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