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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday July 10th., 2011

After writing yeterday's blog we just seemed to keep "busying" on and were then visited by Falkirk and two friends. We had supper together and they stayed the night to join today's excursion. !

We had "a spot of bother", on the expedition. Very early on I made a big mistake and got impatient with a caña - see photo. !!

Peter and Kuba drove me to the Sorbas medical centre where I received 3 little anaesthetics and 3 little stiches.!  I was well looked after. The nurse's daughter had been to the house and had made a really nice 2 page article with pictures, about the house and the village in the "Voz De Almeria" newspaper. We were being written up as the only Eco Village in the province of Almeria. !

This afternoon we have watched some  more Red Dwarf and Ivi and Peter have been cleaning the area around our newly Whitened wall. The wall is so white that it seems like a good idea to "whitewash" the rest of the "Casa". !!

So, I shall have to keep a bit quieter for the next few days. I want to use part of the time to design a flower garden where we have the "Mandala" garden. That will make a fabulous view from the house. !

The Apricot Tree got a good watering. ! I think she will "come good".

Hasta mañana.


  1. Just catching up on House of Reality... Ouch finger!!! Red Dwarf - I got high with Craig Charles (Lister) at the Big Chill festival a couple of years ago. We were both playing on the festival radio station. An occasion where a childhood hero more than surpassed my expectations, he was a total dude. Love to allx

  2. Hiya Dan. What a treat to meet Lister. I am happy to hear that he is "a great Dude" in the real life as well as in The Red Dwarf. !! My finger is healing well - maybe a photo today. ! Lots a love, David.