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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday July 9th., 2011

A beautiful day. We all made an early start, around 7.00 am. 

For myself, I opened the water tanks - one was flooded and one was minus about 4 tons of water - I started up the petrol pump and pumped 4 tons then watered the garden. Next job, I opened the irrigation line for the Apricot Tree and dug some more channels for watering over the roots - went to Sorbas - shopping - 2 new ball cocks for the 2 depositos - Kuba fitted them between mixing Mortero for the old part of the house. I found our old electric pump and pumped out the flooded tank space, pumping the water to the old Carob Tree near the Almacen (Store House).

Mihai has been looking into setting up a Wi Fi system for the house and is at present fixing up an old Omnibook Lap Top to make into a server unit. 

Filipe, Ivi, and Andreea have harvested the potatoes, Andreea is making a Rumanian bean special with Mihai (who is the boss cook), and all is going well. Ivi is also "on the case" with the cooking. 

Tourists have been having fun watching Filipe gardening, especially as he is without clothes.

We have had visits from Paco of the Sorbas Rambla. We gave him coffee at at 7.30am. Later Vojta, from CZ., who is staying with Sunseed, came up and took a coffee with us and helped Kuba on the ball cock fixing.

The Irrigation Line is flowing really well and the Ramp Pump is producing about 8 litres a minute, the last max, about 5 years ago, was around 5 litres. Agua Fuerte seems to have done the trick on the Ram Pump,(dilute Hydrochloric acid). Jabba, from Hungary, working for Sunseed, is doing really well with our water systems.

Now 3.45 and definately time for lunch...............Planning for this evening - some Red Dwarf and Tarrentino's, From Dusk Till Dawn. ! Rump Steak and plenty of ice cream also available. !

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