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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday July 2cnd., 2011

I came across this whilst reading the Ghandi Way, Magazine. It "rings" true for me , so I have decided to share the quote and the link to the full article. http://tinyurl.com/flametree

"Ultimately, an economic system that uses no money at all. is indicative of the greatest emotional strength and psychological health of its members, showing a level of self-trust and trust of others which is sadly lacking in modern society where money has become the basis for almost all human interactions."

I loved the beautiful audacity and uncommon perception behind the following words:-

"We are now in the unfortunate situation where those who collect and hoard the most money are seen by many people as the most successful, competent and well-adjusted members of society, rather than being recognised as deeply insecure and in need of social and psychological help to deal with their emotional problems more functionally."

That's an interesting "take", on being rich, and to my mind resonates well with the situation in North America, which appears to be becoming increasingly dysfunctional, (over 150 Senators are millionaires). Somehow it seems that the whole of the North American Society is suffering from money being "hoarded" by the "super rich".

Anyhow, back on the "homestead", all is well. Kuba has been strimming - I have been dog running, shopping, cooking, eating, writing, reading.........normal busy day. Mihai is looking for paint for the pool. It will look better with a new coat of paint for the "High Summer". 

I will be out in a while, to flood irrigate the huge old Apricot Tree that is slowly dying from lack of "tender loving care". Water is, of course, the first requisite as it lives on an irrigateable terrace which has been out of cultivation for many years. When the land is not being cultivated, neither is it being irrigated, so......dying tree...

Peter and Ivi have found and brought two armchairs for the terrace.... life moves on apace.

Loads of flies - I am under fly attack as I write this. !!

OK one more link to:- Why Violence?. http://tinyurl.com/whyviolence This is another site taken from the Ghandi Way, 

Hasta Mañana

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