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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday July 17th., 2011

Here we are, Sunday again. ! Ivi and Kuba seem to have been being particularly busy - Ivi, sweeping, cleaning, cooking, mopping, and putting a new shade cover on the beams over the terrace. Kuba has been "beading" and has sorted out the second smaller almacen creating space very succesfully. No matter how much space there is, it always gets filled. !! Andreea has also been cooking, seeing if she can swing us to vegeterianism.

It has been a good day for chockolate and vanilla Ice Cream with coconut yoghurt.

As for me, pretty chilled, finished reading an Ian M Banks Sci Fi novel called "Matter", another good read. ! Watched a couple of parts from the series  "Malcolm". Nice simple humor.

I think I will get a bit more busy tomorrow - also we are due for some cool weather, down to 29, feels like about 36, or so, today. It would be great to get some rain. The land is getting very dry. I saw that it is only 13 degrees in Galway - almost unimaginable. !

Hasta Mañana.

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