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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wednesday July 20th., 2011

We have removed The Green Submarine. Kuba jack hammered it in half, see picture, and Filipe axed it into small pieces and transported it to the rubbish bin. !!
Mihai has cut up the olive tree which was killed by the sewage effluent - so - good progress. ! 
For Kuba and I, a trip to Turre to see the Dentist then to the second hand shop for books, videos and a "mouse" all for 5 Euros. 
The "crisis" is getting more severe. I saw a food collection barrel, asking for tins and dried food for the poor of Turre. 
Yes, things are a long way from "normal" in the so called "real world", and there is no improvement in sight, in fact, it looks as though we are still "going down". !

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