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Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday July 4th., 2011

Today was a little cooler than yesterday. There were 3 fires in the area yesterday.To the north, in the Filabres near El Puntal. In the west and south, Turrilas and Nijar. I smelt the smoke in the afternoon, so, here we are, in the "fire" season again.!

A slightly more quiet day around the house. Kuba and I did some more "brambling" and Peter put some cement patches on the house prior to  the white Mortero "cap".

Sunseed have done really well with the Irrigation Line. It is flowing as well as I have ever seen it. Geof is also going to get his "team" to put grills over all open pipe entrances to stop stones, plastic or turtles from going down the pipes. I have been "thinking"  of doing that for years. !!

Mihai and Andrea went for a day out down the river to "El Tesoro". They had a great day.

Hasta Mañana......


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