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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday July 21st. ,2011

I did some sums today - dangerous and a bit scary sometimes, however, that's how it goes. We have 100 Euros to feed 7 of us for 10 days, so, that's a budget of Euros 1.43 per person per day. I also received my copy of The New Internationalist entitled "Life Beyond Growth". !
On the first subject of a very small budget for food, basically, I think we need about 2.50 Euros to 3 Euros a day to eat reasonably well, which is actually pretty good.
For sure we will be fine, I am totally confident. This is the way it is, and we DO eat well. We always receive what we need, which leads me to my second comment, "Life Beyond Growth", which is where we are.
I am learning to live simply, and, with a degree of "life quality", which I consider unusually high. I remember that in my late 20's I was bringing in about 23,000 pounds a year, now, aged 63, I am bringing in about 6,000 Euros a year and, I am having an extraordinarily high quality of life, surrounded by beautiful nature, and beautiful people.
My experience of "the crisis" here in Spain is that we are beginning to realize that money and material possessions were not, and are not, the panacea of life, or, to put it another way, do not lead to happiness. "Caring And Sharing" is a much better game to play. !!
As usual a few pics - getting closer to installing the new "waste water" system. Kuba and Filipe have extended the concrete base. I think tomorrow we can install the new system - we shall see. !!

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