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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Thurday July 14th., 2011

We are mosying along. Nothing really mind blowing happening - Dentist visit and tooth rebuild with titanium posts, all for 100 Euros seemed pretty good. Kuba also did well and did not have to have a root canal thus saving 120 Euros. !! Peter and Kuba have fixed a radio for the "Kubamobile".

Strimming and bramble clearing, Kuba and Felipe, respectively, also, cleaning and sorting the Almacen.

Computer fixing, Mihai, along with garden maintenance whilst I am incapacitated.

Ivi and Adreea, cleaning, cooking and painting - Peter working in the Filabres - so - normal sort of day........great lunch though, beef steak and boiled potatoes and salad. Spuds from the huerta. Bit of ice cream and Red Dwarf afterwards. !

This is definately "the good life".

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