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Monday, 11 July 2011

Monday July 11th., 2011

Another active day. 

Kuba has been strimming another terrace, Filipe, raking up brambles and Mihai creating a fence around Andreas Requena's patch.

Andreas is now 70 and comes into El Rio on his "quad", from Sorbas. My dogs have been into his peppers, so we are making his patch "dog proof".

Julio has come to stay for a few days, nice to see him again. 

Ivi has been cooking and cleaning. Andreea has not been feeling good so has had a quiet day. 

So, there we are, another day in the life of El Rio.

I will check on Tim tomorrow since I am sure that he has been pretty busy - a bit of "roving reporting" is in order. !

As for me, a little incapacitated with my finger bandaged, however, I have made a start on the "flower bed" concept in the huerta. Poco a poco. !

I have also been keeping up to date on what looks as though may turn into quite a massive financial crisis both in America and Europe.

Interesting times. !

Hasta Mañana.


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