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Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday July 18th., 2011.

We have done some great renovation work on the waste water system. Filipe has dug out two of the gravel beds and Kuba has done some pipe unblocking and plumbing. 
We now have the waste water running through the gravel beds and out to an olive tree on the lower terrac.
This was one of those "mañana jobs" that got put low on the priority list for about 5 years. I will put a photo up tomorrow of an amazing root which had grown in the pipework. ! 
Misha arrived from Prague yesterday and she will be staying a week or so.
Andreea has been painting, Ivi, cleaning, cooking and other chair cover for the terrace. 
You know, the list of "things done" is non-stop.....toilet dismounted and cleaned and replaced, new light on the terrace......and I really do not want to get boring.... suffice it to say that everyone is "pulling their weight" and that the feeling in the house is good.

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