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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wednesday July 6th., 2011

Wow, a pretty hot day today - around the 36 degree mark, I would say.! 

Pictorial news shows Mihai watering the wall to keep the cement wet, Kuba fixing a broken waste water pipe from the bathroom toilet, and putting in a new plug to facilitate us having music on the terrace, and a view of the recently cleaned up Palm Tree area.

Sunseed have put up thier wind turbine at Isabellas, so they will be well in power. !

Tim is back from his wedding decoration weekend, and time in Almeria. The pool is filled and people are coming to stay in a few days.

Mihai has worked on the blog layout and has "enabled" the comment box.

Tomorrow Kuba and I to the dentist. We are trying a "new" one in Turre..

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