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Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday, 30th., September, 2011

There's a picture of myself playing a bank manager in the film, The Dalton Brothers. 

I notice that today the European Union bankers and Eurozone Leaders are looking for the last signatures to ratify their July agreement for The European Bailout Fund to increase lending from €250bn to €440bn and to allow the Fund to buy government bonds, and to engage in precautionary lending and to capitalise banks.

Well, what a mess. !

I think that we are nearly at "melt down". The European Leaders, Stock Markets, and some Global Leaders are saying that a realistic figure, now, at the end of September 2011,  is 2 Trillion Euros.

Will we, the tax payers, "play ball", with 2 Trillion Euros?. Will Greece default. ? Will the Banks survive? Will the Stock Markets crash.? Is Europe Bancrupt? Did "Capitalism" go wrong. ? Where are we going?.

We are living in "Interesting" times. ! Hold on tight, and fasten your seatbelts, we could be in for a rough ride. !  

A shortfall of one and a half trillion euros sounds serious to me, doesn't that sound serious to you too. ?

Here I am "playing" as an "extra", in The Dalton Brothers, filmed partly at Texas Hollywood. Texas Hollywood was the site used for many Spaghetti Westerns and is about a 30 Km drive from here.

The top photo is, how the room looks now. The bottom picture is how the room looked as I was demolishing the walls. As you can see I decided to keep the middle wall. I liked the strange feature of the hole in the middle of the wall and the uneven door shapes. You can see that the right doorway is now filled with a German design Kachelhoven wood burning stove. One burn equals 7 hours of heat. Muy Bien. !!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday September 23rd., 2011

Hello All,
It's been a biot busy here for the last couple of days with many visitors. I have lost count for the moment - we expect towards 30 tonight for our healing ceremony with people from Italy, England, Madrid....We will have another multi-cultural evening. !
The swallows have left for Africa. They will be back in March, usually in the first week. They were nesting in my bathroom and in the passageway, and spent their last couple of weeks "roosting" in my kitchen. !

A Swallow on my lamp shade. !

The Mandala re-painted by Kuba last year.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesday, September 20th., 2011

Today myself and Mihai have been doing some patching up with Mortero, the outside of Casa De La Realidad and in Tim's bathroom. Kuba and Nickie arrived this evening. Allan is back from the sea side. Jon is coming this evening, so, the house is filling up. I have also set up a 24 hour fiesta for October 22 cnd. Olivier is coming to be DJ. He is "the best". So, things are looking good. !

A walk on the caña bridge.

Here I am at the "communications centre", plus 106 Gb of music !.

Here I am. !

Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Myself and Mihai have been digging and rotavating the new garden patch, then we took delivery of, and stacked our Winter wood. Good to have it in, it's like money in the bank.
Dzeneck arrived last night and Dushan this morning. Dzeneck, Ondra, Eva and Dushan have gone climbing.
I hope you like the picture of our latest visitor.!

This little "critter" has quite an interesting face. !!

Second load of wood deliverd and........stacked.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturday September 17th, 2011

Well,  though I say it myself, I think those are some pretty amazing pictures. So many flowers. I am hoping to catch some Datura flowers this evening. 
The "team" are off to the beach today to check out a music festival. I am going to do a little rotavating and keep an eye on Dashinka who is "hot". !

The night flowering San Pedro. From buds to flowers in 3 hours, 8.30pm - 11.30pm, last night September 16th.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday, September 14th., 2011

I don't really need to write much today - the pictures "speak". The "desert creation" by my neighbours is amazing. That land used to be covered with old almonds, bushes, old grasses, a few olive trees and was a beautiful area for running with dogs .... now......!
The second finca is virtually abandoned land, though the family do pick the olives and almonds and sometimes keep goats. Undeveloped is certainly much kinder to the land, and to the eye too. !!
Mihai, Allan, and myself moved and stacked our first load of wood for the Winter. With luck we will get another load tomorrow.

The first picture is of a "developing" finca - trees all cut out, the land flattened and the rocks and roots bulldosed out. The eucalypt tree is surrounded by a fence , in effect a small goat coral, good fertilizer for the tree, which is noted as being the largest Eucalypt in Almeria. ! The second picture is of the neighbouring finca to the first one, undeveloped with a few Almond and Olive trees and sometimes goats. The third picture is of my "huerta", irrigated land, in the valley

This is 300 Euros worth of old dried Eucalyptus wood. We received it this morning and stacked it this afternoon

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday , September 13th., 2011

I have been much more "on the case" today. We had three visitors from Almeria this morning, after which I took the dogs for a walk/run. We went out through the end of the valley where a large earth mover is "creating desert". I did not have my camera with me, so I could not photograph the scene. I will take the camera tomorrow to show you.
Then to Sorbas to get "the shopping" and petrol for the strimmer and Rotavator, lunch, then to Turre with the "old lady dog" taking her to have her baby making equipment removed.
Back here, hola to Ondra and Eva then strimming, then watering and here I am at the keyboard. !! A good day, good vibes, and good to be busy.

Another one day wonder cactus flower, this time from a round spiky cactus, who's name I do not know. The other two photos are of the house, the old picture is from 1990, and the new picture from this evening. !.!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Monday, September 12th., 2011

Good evening all. I have had a super lazy day, more like an extreme Sunday. Nicky and Kuba have gone off to the beach. Robert has gone off to Madrid. Peter and Ivi have been working in the Filabres, and we have not seen Ondra or Eva all day, so I guess they are having a quiet day too. I have been reading King Rat by James Clavell and saying "hi" to various visitors. I feel that I need to "get on the case" again tomorrow. I want to do some strimming and maybe even a little rotavating.!
Still no outlook for more rain. It is, on the other hand, beautiful weather with  Autumnal temperatures, high 20's  and bright sunny days. !

Nashko and I looking at our "mining". Nickie climbing at Leukanaena. Irish Dave climbing, and Ivi at Turre.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday, Septermber 11th., 2011

Good morning all. Greetings from another beautiful sunny day in El Rio. Ondra, Eva, Peter and Ivi are by now, set up on the "Rastro" in Mojacar, continuing the "trouser selling". Dave and Alie will be back from their "European Tour" this afternoon. All in all, things are pretty quiet at present. !

A Sunday mix of Aliens, the Upper Amazon, and an Andalucian Beach. !

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thursday, September 8th., 2011

Mihai and Robert have been cutting wood on the small terrace where we used to keep the chickens. Alan has been digging out salt bush roots. Peter and Ivi have been working in the Filabres and are now down in Nijar helping Honsa with a well pump. Filipe is in "babylon" and we expect him back after a few days. Kuba is "parrot sitting", for Dave and Ailie.
Sasha arrived this evening. I have not seen him for many years and it is good to catch up on the news.

Driving into Tabernas, "Spaghetti Western" land where The Good The Bad and The Ugly was made, also The Dalton Brothers, in which we "starred". Next down is nice view from my window. So great to see unspoiled nature. The last picture is of Kuba doing some bead work. He makes beautiful wrist bands.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wednesday, September 7th., 2011

Another good day. I did some internet work this morning with my Internet friend - see picture. ! Then for a walk/run with the dogs. The light is really clear and the landscape, beautiful.
This afternoon I painted the table again and touched up the paintwork on the doors and windows.Later on  Mihai and Robert arrived from Madrid, so great to see them.
Watering the garden and then coffee with Salva.
Hola to Eva, Kuba and Peter and Ivi over at Graham's house, and here I am. ! A nice full, varied day.

This is my Internet helper. Notice the dust of the desert, and the time stamp. ! We are, after all, living in an oasis.

Not quite up toMira's special insect, however, this one sat on my computer whilst I was typing E mails this morning. !It has great antenae for helping me get the signal. !

This is a picture of Maria and Luggie's house in Albach, Austria. This is where I stay when I am in Albach.I learnt to ski in this village in the late 1960's and subsequently enjoyed army ski race training there. At present they are holding the "Economic Forum". Not much progress there though. !!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday , September 6th., 2011

Actually yesterday felt more like a Sunday and today has also been fairly quiet. I finished another Ian M. Banks book called Surface Detail. That man is brilliant. His plots are very clever and well thought out and his imagination, phenomenal. !
The weather has been  a bit cooler since the rain, and there is a feeling of Autumn in the air.

Peter, Ivi and Allan on Playa Monsul, near San Jose.