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Monday, 30 January 2012

January 30th., 2012

After 11 days of travelling over Southern England visiting family and friends, I am now going up to Woodstock, near Oxford to see my nephew Richard and his two daughters, Ella and Louise, and their mother Leah. I shall be leaving the parrots of Teddington later on this morning, plus my camera. More pictures to follow.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

From West Sussex and my Aunt's memorial service I drove down to Dorset with Richard, my nephew, to go and stay with his half sister Polly, my niece, and his step-mother Rusty. We had a great time. I went running with Richard, which was quite a stretch for me.Richard is fitter than I am. !!

In Dorset

I left El Rio on January 19th., with snow on the mountains. I landed at Gatwick Airport and was met by Kate, my niece, and she drove me to her new house. 

What an incredible mansion, used by the Bohemian "Bloomsberry Set", and beautifully restored to it's former splendour by Kate and Harvey. It's BIG. !

I've uploaded a view from the house and a picture of some snowdrops, blooming on the grass outside the house.

The view from Kate and Harvey's house.

Arrival in England

 My niece Kate and I ready to go to my Aunt's Memorial Service

Snow in Almeria. Second week in January 2012

 On the road to Sorbas
 Almeria from the air January 19th.