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Saturday, 17 August 2019

El Rio De Aguas - Photos - August 2019

This is an underwater picture taken at the top of the Roman tunnel inside the mountain. This is our source of water for the village and for our vegetable gardens.
The Nacimiento, (spring) has moved and is now here. !
 This is looking downstream and marks the first flowing water in El Rio.
From inside the mountain the water flows out in this stream.
 And here we are able to return some water to the river.
I am now going to take you down the river. Levels are very low.
These are what are left of the "love" pools at the top of the river.
 A few meters down from the love pools we have a small amount of water - not very deep. !
 Not a lot of water.
 See Machu Pitchu - our small "lion heart" dog.
 It is sad to see so little water.
 And then - no water.
 The river is now fragmented, broken, no flow.
 The break is of about 20 meters and then we have water again.
 Not much
 some water is better than no water. !
 So, this is how it is. 
 This is the deepest point at about 1,75 meters deep
I met tourists here at this pool. The pictures before this one come from the more inaccessible areas of El Rio. 

Sunday, 11 August 2019

A step back to 2016

Back to December 2016 after 153 mm of rain in 36 hours. 

Impressive. !

And today.
Nature regenerates and Honsa is an excellent wall builder. ! 
We are waiting for more rain. So far this year 60 mm. Evaporation 600 mm. Scary ?

Ram Pump repair

Our Hydralic Ram Pump feeds water from the Irrigation Line all around the village. 
 Tom is holding the worn out part.

 OK Just about ready for action.
Ram Pump back together and
 In action. !
 Outside of the valley it is very dry. !

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Eco Restoration - Urban Tree Forest / Sunseed

In the You Tube video you will see the wall building team.

Urban Tree Forest and Sunseed working on Eco Restoration.

Here is a "snip".

and another one:

The You Tube is 2 mins 24 seconds.  Good work and a result to be proud of.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Eco Restoration - Sunseed - Back To The Future

This is an example of some excellent environmental conservation and restoration work. 

What the charity does

  • Education/training
  • Environment/conservation/heritage

This restored wall will stop the massive erosion which you can see below the wall.

The project was birthed by Raymond  a founder of "Urban Street Forest", and taken on by "Sunseed". 

Dimitri and Juan, of the Sunseed team took on this work and this is the finest and most effective Eco-Restoration work that I have seen in my 29 years in El Rio.

"The organisation concentrates its efforts on education and training, the conservation of heritage sites and the environment's protection and training and education. It works to the benefit of the general public."
Resources - a ruin and committed eco-restoration visitors staying in the village and with Sunseed.

Below is a good article about Sunseed.

The Irrigation Line functioning and using the same tunnels hacked out of the rock 2,000 years ago is definitely a heritage site.

Thank you again Sunseed for your help. Here at the Casa De Realidad we are getting our team together for a "mission". Pipe cleaning. !
We are in action. See Rudolpho, red shorts. He has been a part of our village team for 20 years. 

It works when our village works together, sharing resources, focusing on conserving our bio diversity in the face of Ecocide. 

We are an Eco-Village, focusing on Eco-Restoration and experiencing an Ecocide. We are not depressed and behaving like victims. 

Sunseed are a large part of this village and I would say a note of thanks to the directors/trustees of Sunseed would be well appreciated and appropriate. Their names and addresses are in the "link".

We cleaned 120 meters of pipework with the cleaning rods. Success and a good flow in the village.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

August 2019. A look at WATER. !

We still have water in El Rio. 
We are blessed. Many bore holes are dry. The aquifer is totally over-exploited. Small farmers can no longer keep animals, care for their trees or grow their own vegetables.
The level of the Nacimiento has dropped back 150 meters 
 Water used to flow into this tunnel.

From here the river flows down into the valley. 
I am deep in the valley. The flow is very low and in places has disappeared.
 There is still some water. !

And here - beautiful. 

Monday, 18 February 2019

Rights of Nature Ecuador

This is a BIG ONE. !!

Your problem: 60.000 ton/day toxic waste ⚡️, to store SAFELY till end of times Your "Solution": a mirage 🏝️. You make people see a solution that is not there 🇨🇳does it with Ecuadorians David Dene goes to court #ecocide

Click on the link for the article:

The Ecologist