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Sunday, 10 June 2018

A clinb up the crystal rock mountain.

A good view of the Casa De La Realidad
 About half way up the rock face. !

 Dashinka looking good.

  I need to climb up through this space
 Great view looking up the valley towards the Nacamiento
 Albo, Honsa's doggie friend.
 Favi sitting on the edge. !

 Remote piece of "real estate" - holiday home - no neighbours. !
 Looking up the valley towards the Filabres Mountains
 Shwartzi, (Arnold Schwartzeneger) checking things out.

 Dashinka is "top model" today.
 Favi and Blondina are enjoying some good smells.

Looking down at the exits from the Roman water tunnel.

 That was a good walk. A beautiful Sunday.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Ths post Illustrates our lack of water.

First of all our measuring point. This is VERY LOW. !

This pictures shows NO FLOW from the Nacamiento (spring) Previously water flowed as a small river feeding INTO the tunnel. Water is now flowing OUT FROM this tunnel.
The picture below shows a trickle of water flowing from this tunnel exit running from the main tunnel behind.
This was where we used to have a dam to feed water into this tunnel.
Another view of the same tunnel clearly showing the drop in water level over the last 4 years. See the high line. Water is now flowing inside this "exit" feeding our Irrigation line and micro-climates along it's length.
This is a picture of the flow above "the love pools", before the little water-fall.
And here is the river "flow" down from my house in the middle of the valley.
Not very good news and good to have these pictures "on line". 
 No rain in sight. ! Beautiful day - 27 degrees.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Our Oasis - critical water levels - Do not get depressed we are doing all we can and we have a powerful lawyer- beautiful but dry countryside - Sunday walk with the dogs.

This first picture shows the oasis created from our irrigation line.
 Apricots for my breakfast
This is not good. How long have we got. ? Maybe three more months without rain and.........see for yourselves - critical is what I call it. This is the water measuring point at the top of the irrigation line. !
 These were known as "the love pools". El Rio De Aguas is in danger of drying up.
 Previously this was a lagoon.
 A mere trickle from inside the mountain. ! Happily there is still enough water flowing inside the tunnel to feed the irrigation line. The question is for how long. ?
 The feed from the Nacamiento, (the spring) , is, like the Nacamiento - dry. !
 Hill climbing. !
 Oops - a good thing that we were able to stop the planting of 1,800 almonds per hectare on this land. !!! 800 meters from the source of El Rio. !
 We are walking in a dry river bed.
 Back in our Oasis