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Friday, 23 August 2013

Hello All,

I apologize for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I am "back on the case".

This morning I took some frog poison with Mira. It seems to have stimulated me to get "on the blog". !!

The Australian Earth Law Alliance have asked me to speak at their   Conference, so, on September 23rd, I am off to Brisbane. !!

Wild Law Conference 2013

"Living within our ecological limits: law and governance to nurture the Earth Community", 27-29 September, Southbank, Brisbane


Dashinka and Favia

In the river

First load of Winter wood.

Ed has been sanding down the floor. Good job. !

Friday, 9 August 2013

Maybe I will be a speaker at the Australian Earth Laws Alliance Conference. Well, I'm "up for it". ! I am not sure if I am a bit too full on, radical. We shall see.

This is an "abstract" that I have written for the Australian Earth Laws Alliance Conference in September.

"How can human societies learn to live within their ecological limits.?"

Clearly we need to learn how far outside of ecological limits that we are living. We need to understand that it is not MONEY
that supports our lives, it is NATURE that supports our lives.

This is not the time to be "pussyfooting" around the reality of the situation in which we find ourselves. We must disregard misinformation fed to us by the vested interests of Governments who endeavor to fulfill their mandates on the back of ecological collapse.

To illicit change we must understand the reality of our situation. We need to be prepared to stand up as individuals to meet the challenges and changes that we will all have to make for our survival.

We need to be clear on the situation within which we find ourselves before we can decide on what we are going to do to enable our survival.

We will then learn to live within our ecological limits, or we will die. !

"How do we reign in humanity’s use of the Earth and create governance systems that nurture, rather than destroy, the natural world?"

We will have to create new LAW. We will have to criminalize the destruction of Ecosystems.

We will have to re-write company law and make it the first objective of any company or corporation to protect the four elements which enable us to live on this planet.

We have to find a new source of abundant, free energy.

We have to dismantle our World Financial System and create a system of equitable sharing and protection of Natural Prosperity. Our present system of inequity must be resolved to enable our survival.


There is always plenty of space for what I call "righteous indignation", however, I feel that the time is now right to look forwards and to meet our challenge for survival "head on".

I am just back from Ecuador where I have been meeting with the leaders of the Shuar tribe threatened by cultural extinction from a mega copper and gold mine. No "righteous indignation" there. They are looking for a way forwards. We must do the same.

All the best to you from a sunny afternoon in Southern Spain.