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Saturday, 18 September 2021

A Walk with the dogs after four months drought - I took the pics on a two hour walk through this amazing scenery. I will make the same walk after rain when the desert blooms

Coming down from the Casa De La Realidad -Dashinka looking good.
On the terrace by the Ram Pump
Looking into our Oasis
Fidel and Schwartz walking back after a chill out in the pool
Fidel strolling along
Bibi getting his feet wet
Dashinka and Blondina cooling down

Guapa and Fidel enjoying the water
Coming down the hill towards Casa De Realidad
At the top of the hill resting a little under an olive tree
Crossing the plateau
Another "chill out" tree
Hot dogs
Looking across at the old Cortijo on the hill
View down the hill at the land previously cleared to plant hundreds of almond trees. We stopped the planting and the land was not restored
Looking down the hill into the valley that we have just walked up
Along the path
You can see our walking path up the hill
Looking down into the dry river bed of El Rio De Aguas
Coming out from the Oasis
The goats have grazed the land 
An overgrazed terrace
Bibi and Dashinka under an Olive tree
A  collapsed terrace wall and consequent erosion
Severe erosion
Having climbed the hill I am looking back down the valley
Heading for the hills
A Carob tree at the end of the valley coming out from the oasis
Coming out from the oasis
Through the rocks to the river

 The start of the path along the Irrigation line

Sunday, 14 March 2021

A beautiful Sunday - some views around the house.

 Check out the mirrors !

Machu Pichu - small with big spirit - Dashinka and Blondina.

Front terrace and our newest addition to the doggie family Be Be (Happy)

A little oasis

Friday, 5 February 2021

We have taken delivery of the "still".

This "still" was made by hand in Portugal. It arrived today and is specially designed for  the production of plant essences. 

Joshua is preparing a garden for aromatic herbs. 
We will be buying bulk "stock" for distillation "on line". All looking good.

Saturday, 30 January 2021

A new project in born, Creating essential oils.

 Distillation of eucalypt leaves and water. The Still. 

Eucalypt leaves soaked in water
Filling the still with leaves and water
Setting up - ready for action.
We have eucalypt water.
The maestro - Joshua - keeping an eye on the process. 
Eucalypt water
extracting the oil from the water

Yes, it works and we will upscale. More later. 

Thursday, 28 January 2021

A blast from the past

 2011 and I am acting as the bank manager in the film "The Dalton Brothers" - filmed at Texas Hollywood. We had a lot of fun on this set.

From above ground to below ground. More maintenance.

 After 28 years we have to assess leaks in our 9,000 litre water tank. Earthquakes and the passage of time have taken their toll. The tank is leaking so action to remedy the leaks is essential. I am going in !


We are going to remove the black plastic liner. We are measuring up for a new "made to measure" butyl rubber liner with water exit pipes welded into the rubber so as to avoid leaks from around the two water exit points.

We are removing the black plastic liner

and more plastic

Plastic gone - all is revealed 
a large crack

The plastic is out - now we will order the "made to measure" butyl rubber envelope.

Part 2 when we take delivery of our new "made to measure" liner