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Thursday, 31 October 2013

At Kew, in London.

I am now in Kew, in London, staying with my niece Erica and her husband Nick and their two sons Alexander and Christian. I went for a tour of the Steam Museum too. !

Here is a picture looking up river from Kew Bridge.

And here, Alexander playing the piano.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Home in Galway

Now, this is a good kitchen. !

 I like the big windows. Loads of light. !

Tomorrow, London.

Back to Dromineer

Setting off from Terryglass.

A fine old castle owned by the Mc Neill Moss family.

Heading out into the sunset. !

Home for the Winter.

Shannon One Design Racing

This is  number 96, the 96th. boat built in the Shannon One Design class,  built in 1970.

Launching the 96.

Frank Brown launched his BMW. !

William towed him back in. !

96 ready for action.
Coming up for the start.

They are racing.

On the River Shannon to the Terryglass Regatta.

After the Degree giving ceremony and a night in Galway, we then  drove down to Tipperary and settled ourselves on the family Barge,  69M, and headed for the regatta at Terryglass.

Here we are, off and away.

Here I am, in the Galley, cooking breakfast. !

Coming into the harbor at Terryglass.

Here we are. We have arrived and are tied alongside.

Social time after breakfast and before sailing.

Looking down the passageway, cabins an bathroom on the left, port side, main cabin, up for'ad.

At Galway University.

My nephew William is collecting his degree in Alternative Energy Systems Engineering from Galway University. 

Actually this is William getting some munchies. !

William with my sister, Adair, and his Dad, John.

University quadrangle. Old Style.

This is the seriously High Tech Engineering building used as a prototype for the management of buildings using "Cloud Base" computing linked into sensors.

The photograph shows the ventilation system from floor to ceiling. Big holes in the floor and loads of little holes in the ceiling. !

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Here we go, on my travels again. First stop Stanstead London. ! Kind'a wet. !!

This is Stanstead Airport. Singapore is MUCH better. !!

Here is a picture I took from the train into London.

Down into the London Underground Tube Train system. ! Victoria Line. !

 In the "Tube". !

Vauxhall Station for the regular train to Teddington.

Happy kids on the train.

View from train window.

 Definitely weird news. !!

A shopping "cathedral" in Kingston. !

More tomorrow. !

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Enrique has made us a big Paella. This is his pre-birthday celebration.

Here are more pictures of my dog walking, following on from the last ones. !

This really does look like desert. !

We are above El Tessoro and looking down towards Almeria.

El Rio in the background.

Tomorrow I am flying to London. !