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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday June 30th 2011

These have been busy days. The "suite" at the Pita Escuela also known as Casa Gertruda, and as Casa Medaeval, is now painted and looks great. Kuba, was, as usual, Master Painter, and Mihael was his apprentice and assistant.

Tim has now formed a Cultural Association based in the Pita Escuela. It is named "The Pita Escuela of El Rio De Aguas", and is set up to educate people on the uses of the Agave wood, for workshops, and for education of all things environmentally friendly.

Rozaka has spent the first few months of her life here in El Rio De Aguas, and is now heading for CZ with Mum and Dad, Viktor and Nikita.

Strimming, strimming and more strimming. !! The main terraces are now all cleared. My F350 Sthl strimmer is brilliant and the work has taken less than half the time it has in previous years.

Nashko and Niki have just set off for Germany, hitch hiking from Murcia, where Dave Veevers will leave them. 

Dave's parrot vet lives in Murcia. Dave and Eli now have four parrots and two dogs, Phoenix and Alba. I don't know the parrots' names but I hear that they bark like dogs. !

Estrella from Roquetas has come to stay for a frw days - last seen 6 years ago - nice to see her back.


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Swallows In The Bathroom

Saturday June 25th

Good morning from another sunny day in El Rio.

The last few days have been very busy with lots of action cleaning and putting everything in order after our many guests who came for the healing ceremonies.

Kuba and Mihai are re-painting the guest suite in "The Pita Escuela". They are doing an excellent job. I have been "full on", strimming and yesterday finished all my personal huerta which is mostly without crops this year.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tuesday 21st June.

The Summer Solstice. 

Now we can look forward to the harvests. Actually, outside our house the Nisparos and Apricots are over. A few weeks ago I could step out of the front door and pick, first the Nisparos, and then, the following week, the Apricots.

A lot of people have left today, heading back for Madrid and Portugal and Ireland. We have been cleaning and have rebuilt the ceremonial "altar" for this evening's solstice ceremony.

I am going to do some more "striming" as the grass is now becoming very dry and the fire risk grows every day. !!

Casa De La Realidad

Monday, 20 June 2011

Sunday / Monday June 19th and 20th.

Here we are past 5 'o clock on Monday afternoon in the Casa De Realidad.

We have had 2 more healing ceremonies with many people both participating in the ceremonies, and visiting us. The atmosphere has been excellent and intense.

Yesterday was pretty busy - I think we had 28 at the ceremony. A really good "turn out". ! 

Last night was the night for filming, and we had less people and a very sensitive "film crew", and a very nice "session". I am looking forward to being able to link this blog to the film. !

Right now garden watering time - my daily half a ton of water by buckets - this is my "gym", or "yoga", certainly "fitness maintenance", anyway. !!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Friday / Saturday, June 17 / 18 Healing Ceremony

Saturday June 18th., 2011

Well, here we are. Yesterday 26 people came for our healing ceremony. We had friends from Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Spain and England.

The ceremony was strong with much transformatory and healing energy.

Tonight we will have another ceremony.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday June 16th 2011

Another good day in El Rio. Mira arrived yesterday with Viktor, Nikita and Rozaca.

It was the night of the lunar eclipse and we also decided to take some of Mira's fine medicine from the Amazon.

The medicine was strong and deep and healing. 

Today we have all been quite busy, Viktor doing some sound healing, myself some running and a trip to Sorbas. Nashko, Zdenek and Mihai to Almeria to pick up people and 25 kilos of porridge.

I have posted the first picture of my running circuit. I am thinking to uplaod a picture a day, for a while anyway.

OK Hasta maƱana.

My Daily Running Track. Close to the springs of El Rio De Aguas.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The View From My Front Door.

Wednesday, June 15th., 2011

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a busy day. Down to Almeria in the morning and up to La Conception, north of Vera by lunch time and then in the evening a, "Jam Session" at Timbe's.

I met Hannah at the music session, and we talked about some of the people whom she knew when she was first in the village, which was some years before me, and I am in my 21st year here. !

She was also distressed by the "calling of the Guardia Civil", for "nothing", and is in agreement with  most of us, which is, call the Guards in a real emergency, and not for anything else. !!

Here in the house we have two visitors, who have driven from Portugal, Dzanek and Nashko. Mira, Viktor, Nikita and Rozaka  to arrive later. !

The film crew have confirmed arrival on Friday. They are six people from England. We will be filming for part of a documentary on "Spiritual Awakening".

This morning we have been running with the dogs, scrubbibg the swimming pool, cutting grass and salt bush, house cleaning, cooking and eating. !!

Monday, 13 June 2011

A picture by Salva at Claudia's Cortijo "El Saltador"

The "Usual Suspects", Salva, Patricia, Kuba, Mihai,and Chaba at "El Saltador".

Sunday June 12th 2011

Well, a quiet day.

Saturday night was a quiet party at Claudia's. The art show was good with many different artists and sculptors attending and displaying. A good "turn out" - quiet a lot from El Rio including most of "the holiday visitors" - those who own houses here and come once a year for a month or so. They are very much a "mixed blessing", as they do at times seem so very "out of touch" with who we are and how we live in this beautiful village, and one particular couple are "ever so keen" to call the Guardia Civil at any opportunity. 

There are two sayings in English which apply to this situation. One phrase advises us that when we live in a glass house it is not advisable to throw stones, and the other informs us that bulls are very dangerous in shops which are full of china.

I often feel that we are here by a stroke of good fortune and we should honour that fortune and settle all disputes in the village. The authorities are kind to us and turn the proverbial blind eye to our obvious imperfections, therefore I feel it, oh, so unwise, to call in the authorities for a noisy party.

The "human condition", how strange it all is. !!

Yesterday Sunday was a good day. We started a big "spring clean" in the library getting ready for the film crew arriving at the weekend. We also set up the sound system on the terrace, ate an excellent lunch, beef steak with apricot and cheese and new boiled potatoes, from the garden, tossed in butter and grated cheese, with a fresh salad, followed by ice cream and cream, and coffee, and a movie called Sunshine.

Wow, what a life. !!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Saturday June 11th, 2011

Well, here we are, at last, on air. This is a good cactus picture. The flower only lasts for a day.

Today Salva starts his art exibition in El Saltador. I will see if I can get some pictures to post a bit later.

Salva has been living in the village, and painting, for more than a year.

A Cactus in flower in The Casa De Realidad garden.