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Thursday, 8 March 2012

A new Charge Controller

This is a new "state of the art", charge controller. It takes in a high voltage from the panels and is able to gain up to 30% on panel efficiency. This is great step forwards in charge controller design.

Cooking. The price of gas is going up and up. We may hit 20 Euros a bottle so alternative sources of heat for cooking are now an economic necessity. This is going to be fun. !

 Peter putting the parabolic together.
 Solar Box Cooker. Today, a kind'a cloudy day, we hit 100 degrees. Apparently, in good conditions we can get 200 Centigrade, !
David checking out the new cookers.
 Cooking in heaven. 5 liters of water will rise to the boil in 17 minutes. Fried eggs and bacon? This is great cooker. !!
Outdoor bread, chicken, or pizza oven. Small amount of wood burnt inside produces good heat.

Pepa's project . Re-laying stone outside the Almacen in the Pizza area. !

 Pepa on the job. Soften your eyes and see the magic garden. !
 Francisco delivering sand and cement.
Unloading sand.

Life is good in the Gardens. !

A A Good Day in the Gardens

 An Orange Tree is Planted. Silviu, David and Ilan.
Preparing for the planting of the Orange Tree

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Birthday day , and party pictures.


 Niki, Mihai and Ivi making birthday cake.
 Birthday Cake in creation.
 The Cake and David.and Teresa and Igor.

 Family picture
 Irish Dave
 David, Peter and David.
 David and Shwartze (Arnie)
 Shay, Sylviu, and Harriet
 Birthday Lunch
Party Time

Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday March 2nd., 2012

It is amazing how time flies. My last post was almost two weeks ago. ! 

We have a lot of friends in the house from Poland, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania and Ireland. It is my birthday tomorrow, so we will have a fiesta. !!

I will start doing some more photography and more posts to keep us all updated. !

For now many greetings and good vibes to you all from The Casa De la Realidad. !! David.