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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Levels on the Irrigation Line

Quite simple really. Water always finds it's own level so we have ensured water to Nature when the line is full. The Line is approximately one kilometer long. !

At this level we are  at absolute minimum.  Reason. ROOTS. !

We cut this pipe to minimum level - water is still flowing to the village. This pipe feeds Nature beside the Irrigation Line.
 Roots removed and, once again, very high level, in fact, FULL.
 Another FULL photo. ! When this tank is full we know that the first 750 meters of the Irrigation Line are clean and flowing well.

Antonio's new wall

This will last a few hundred years. Good work the two Honsas and Antonio.

The wall is opposite The Pita Escuela and collapsed in the December rains.


Laying new pipe work for the Irrigation Line.

We are digging along to an old pipe laid about 20 years ago. It needs to be re-laid as it runs six centimeters up hill. Not serious. Our new pipes are carefully laid up to this point and are running full. 

The old pipe was and is delivering sufficient water to the village.

We will make an access point here.
 Wet and muddy. I am in the ditch and Errol is on the bank.
 Passing the mud container.
 Passing out the mud container. !
 Errol in and David out. !
Errol and Lukas passing drain cleaning rods through the old pipe. Dashinka watching. !
 Errol pushing the cleaning rods through the pipe.

Desert Super Bloom

The rain in December has created a Super Bloom in our semi-arid environment. Here are some pictures from my daily dog walks.

 Past the  El Rio Spring towards Sorbas

Our Oasis
 In our Oasis

 Looking down at the village from the mountain.

 On the mountain
 On the plateau looking across ancient terraces

The dry land terrace on the other side of the river opposite the village of El Rio.
 Up in the mountains above the Nacamiento, (Spring), of El Rio
 A beautiful valley in the mountains.
 On the flood plain at the mouth of El Rio.
 Walking towards Sorbas

 Blondina looking good.!
 Carpets of flowers. !
 Hi there Errol. !
 Towards the old Mill House at the top of the valley.
 Special effects. Favi and Fidel in the flowers.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Digging Again. Laying a Pipe Line

We are laying this pipe in the highest part of the Irrigation Line.
 We have to be very careful to keep a good level.
 Errol and Lukas fine tuning the level.
 Next week we must dig back and expose the end of a  buried pipe which we need to join on to.
 18 meters laid so far. Not quite half way. Going well.