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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Monday, 9 December 2013

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hello All. ! I have been having a "busy time" with lots of action on the "Shuar" front and "The Rights of Nature", however, now some pics of what's happening here in El Rio:

 Pepa is drilling into solid rock at the back of Honsa's new house Casa De La Aire.
 Honsa and Lucas with Harley Donkinson. !
 Said looking at the roof of the cave storage facility. !
 Kes is "yellowing" us up. !
 Robert working at sub-titling a video from the Shuar leader, Domingo.
 Robert is teaching Stefan how to gut and skin a Hare. The dogs caught and delivered us two Hares this week. !
 Stefan is varnishing the Pagoda beams.
 Lucas on "chill out".

Friday, 15 November 2013

Hello All. I have been busy on our Ecuador project where we are working to stop mining in the Upper Amazon. Silviu is in Quito and is collating facts for a movie.

One of the Shuar has been murdered by Government forces which has inspired a meeting of the Indigenous Tribes this weekend. We have been able to help financially and I am looking at setting up a Micro Financial Support System for the Shuar.

We have another movie making friend from Sweden going down to Gualaquiza today.

Here in El Rio, all is well. We had 5.6 liters of rain per square meter the night before last. We are waiting for more and at present it does not look likely. Our total for the last 11 months is 116 litres per square meter. !!

OK Time for some pictures:

Andrea and Robert sanding the Pergola's beams.

Blondina "chilling out" on my bed.

Lucas and Jamie looking at our veggies from the garden.

 Here are some veggies from the garden.

The Cave.

Friday, 8 November 2013

It is now November 8th. I am back in Spain. 

I left Kew in London and went down to Hampshire and spent a night with my nephew George and his wife Guilia and their three children.

This is a GREAT kitchen. Guilia is Italian and a great cook. !

Here are the "kids".

On up to Woodstock near Oxford to stay with my other nephew Richard and his partner, Lea, who is Danish, and their two children. 

Finally down to London. On the Tube.

With a view of communal gardens from the Tube.

and a gum transplant. Amazing surgery, taking a piece of flesh from the roof of my mouth and planting it on the root of my tooth for future protection.

Then on to stay with my niece Kate and her husband Harvie and their two children, a short overnight stay leaving at 5.00am in the morning to fly back to Almeria. ! 

10 people staying. The front room fully painted, the little salon also.

Here we see a butterfly freshly emerged from a chrysalis.

 Here we see Stephan from Denmark and Robert from Romania working on the Pergola, sanding and varnishing for the Winter.

Kes from England and Jamie from America have been painting outside woodwork.

And here they are.

OK, That brings us up to date. !!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

At Kew, in London.

I am now in Kew, in London, staying with my niece Erica and her husband Nick and their two sons Alexander and Christian. I went for a tour of the Steam Museum too. !

Here is a picture looking up river from Kew Bridge.

And here, Alexander playing the piano.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Home in Galway

Now, this is a good kitchen. !

 I like the big windows. Loads of light. !

Tomorrow, London.

Back to Dromineer

Setting off from Terryglass.

A fine old castle owned by the Mc Neill Moss family.

Heading out into the sunset. !

Home for the Winter.

Shannon One Design Racing

This is  number 96, the 96th. boat built in the Shannon One Design class,  built in 1970.

Launching the 96.

Frank Brown launched his BMW. !

William towed him back in. !

96 ready for action.
Coming up for the start.

They are racing.