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Monday, 30 September 2013

Here it is, a picture of the boiled porridge and shredded duck. Muy Bien. !

I am now in Changi Airport Singapore. This is a very comfortable airport, comfy armchairs, plug in points next to the armchairs, shopping malls and a great porridge menu.

Here we go some pics. First off The Porridge Menu. This must be one of the finest porridge menus in the world. !!

 and here's the plug in and sit down and snooze and enjoy the free Internet access. Not bad, actually the best. !

I started off this morning at Brisbane Airport, so I will give you a Brisbane view. Here it is. :

On to London in 3 hours. !! 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hello All,

Well, that's it. The Conference is over and I have "had my say", quite a lot of words over the three days.

I guess there is often the feeling of "come down" after such an event. Unfortunately for all life on the planet things are pretty bad as a result of the behavior of our perverse financial, legal, and business structures.

The "how bad" is actually not normally acknowledged. We have had speakers from many disciplines addressing this Conference.

The information has been profoundly inspiring and profoundly depressing. In this Conference we have been able to look at our situation. The good and the bad and the very ugly. !

I talked about the role of society in the sorting out of this mess which we have got ourselves into. I also talked about the Mirador  open pit copper and gold mine in Ecuador.

The simple bottom line is to acquaint ourselves with the facts, to look into our hearts and to see what part we can play individually and collectively, in sorting out this mess and in the building of a new and happier world.

Sounds easy?. No it isn't. ! We are all going to have to step outside our "comfort zones". 

Go for it. ! Big Hug.  David.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hello All. Now I am my third day in Brisbane and I am feeling quite at home. We had a good Conference day with good presentations, full of information and well presented.

We had a group dinner with amazing fireworks.

A bit of a strange upload but you can get the idea. !!

This is a picture taken from the Conference Hall.

Friday, 27 September 2013

I've done a fair bit of talking today, so have others. !! A good day. Here is a picture. !
Well, that's what we need. We have been looking at the terrible situation that we are in. There is hope.
 Well, there's a really good idea. !

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 2 in Brisbane.

All is going well. I had a good sleep last night, and I needed it. Three nights in various types of seats and "time travel", was a bit "wearing". 

As you can see in the picture - a luxury bed. I slept until 9.30 and nearly missed breakfast.

This evening I went to the first event of the Conference, an art show with the concept of unification of Nature and Humans. It was well attended, and I have a couple of pictures for you.

I met Michelle the Conference organizer and had dinner with Nati Greene who is a lawyer from Quito in Ecuador who is in the "front line" in the struggle for Yasuni Park and whom I have been in contact with over The Mirador Mine. Also present were Alex and Maria, two lawyers who work for the rights of Aborigines and their lands here in Australia. Good dinner and good company.

Alex gave us a lift back in the first "Hybrid" car that I have ever driven in. Impressive. I like the system. Here is a "dashboard" picture.

This shows that the car is running on electric power. We are stopped at a traffic light. It would be good to see more of these in Europe. !

More tomorrow. !

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

So, I arrived in Brisbane at about 9.00 this morning and caught the bus into the city at 9.45 to go find Chill Backpackers.

Chill Backpackers - bit of a dodgy outfit, noisy, limited washing opportunities, failure of Wi Fi system and small very cold prison like room with sealed window, so I was at the mercy of the cold air conditioning with a central thermostat. Not good. !

I have upgraded myself. See the view from my window with small terrace, Wi Fi, good bathroom . luxury. !! Here is the picture:

Hong Kong to Brisbane

Hi All,

Well, I left El Rio on Sunday night and I arrived in Brisbane this morning. It was a good trip with a potential problem which was spotted by UK Immigration. They noticed that I did not have an Australian Visa and had not been granted "boarding card " rights. They were super helpful and obtained a visa "there and then" which took us past plane take off time, however, the plane left Heatrow for Hong Kong 45 minutes late, so I got on board. 

Hong Kong was quite comfortable with one Euro equaling 10 Homg Kong Dollars. Here is a picture of a 100 Dollar Note. Nice ones. !!
It was another long flight from Hong Kong and I arrived in Brisbane at 10.00 this morning.

Hong Kong Airport. !

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Evening quarry pictures. !!

 You can see the effect of the blasting
 You can see the small crushing / milling machine and Yesso ready for "trucking out".
This is the "restored" area at the back of the hill.

I do not think that it is right for the quarry to remove this hill. Maybe we can save it.

 View from above Los Molinos

 View from the road
Closer to the quarry.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Morning walk pictures.

 "Away from it all" Country Property. !
Looking down the river to La Casa De La Realidad.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The "cave" dry food store is shaping up under th hands of Said and Lucas.

 Dogs doing a smell check. !
Dashinka, Lucas and Said. I think that we will have a roof in a day or two. !

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Just a little bit of rain, 2mm. !

 The garden, and Lucas, Andreea and dogs walking up after the rain. !

Not exactly wet, but damp. !

Monday, 9 September 2013

Ordering wood for Winter, Gardening and Wi Fi electrics.

 Pedro's wood supply in Alfaix.
 Dario cleaning the paths and enjoying the garden.
 Andreea doing a little pruning.
Peter is installing an additional router for more Wi Fi outside the front of the house.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Country property and Dashinka and Shwartzki

 A nice little country property.!

September 3rd 2013. A beautiful morning and some building work.

 A beautiful morning. It seems like an early Autumn. Only 26 degrees today. !
Lucas and Said building "the cave".

September 3rd 2013 update

The Casa De La Realidad is quietening down now. We had a super busy August with people visiting and coming to stay. We were averaging around 15 to 20 in the house for a couple of weeks. 

Silviu has just left for Ecuador. We will see him back in December. 

Now we have Andreea, Lucas, Ivi, Peter and myself living in the house. 

Said is working with Lucas on the new "cave store". Said is living in Gotcha.