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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Our garden is growing. ! Agave Nursery on the left and vegetable garden on the right.

Mana from Heaven. Goat Shit.

Gardening in progress and tree pruning in progress.

 The gardens are coming along well under the eye of Irish Dave.
Bernard and Raymund are on the case with the pruning of the old Apricot tree.

Happy Flip, and stretching Mihai

Planting up the Agave Nursery and Kuba's first cake.


 Nice pipe repairs by Peter and Pepa. The mice had eaten holes in the hot water tubes. !!

Ram Pump Feed Pipe Repairs

Stones, Puppiy and Almond Tree.

 Vladimir and Puppy
 Almond Tree in flower above gravel beds.

Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park. All this, and all within 45 minutes of Central London.

In the Bar in London and in the park in Oxford with Richard and Louisa, (Ollie)