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Monday, 23 April 2012

Peter is taking off the leaky roof from the battery box.

New fuse boxes for the Solar Panels. Each group of 2 panels will be fused, so, 10 fuses, bringing in 60 to 70 volts through each fuse. James and Peter are doing a first class job. More photos to follow.

Pepa cutting a "groove" in the wall for the new cables for the Solar Electricity System.

New, enlarged solar oven is taking shape with entrance for pots from the back and not from the top. The top will be doubled glazed and we will have a second plywood box inside the first box, insulated with sheep's wool, and then a metal box over the inside plywood box. The metal box will be painted black. I am looking for 200 degrees centigrade. ! My other box does 125 to 150 degrees centigrade. !

Nicki varnishing the new kitchen stools.

Enrique, Leo and Daniel creating arches for the new Compost Toilet