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Thursday, 31 May 2012

I like this view. It shows the "precipitous" routes we take to the gardens. !!

A view looking West. You can see the quarry in the background

A walk on May 29th, 2012 down the path alongside the Irrigation Line and out into "The Desert". !!

On the right you can see the walls of an old water driven mill, used 60 years ago for milling grain brought to El Rio by Donkeys.
 Fabia, Dashinka and Princessa. We are continuing along the path to The Spring.
 Blondina, Dashinka, and Princessa's head. We are close to the river.
 Looking through the rocks to the river and the caña.
 Looking upstream with a small pool, and Princessa taking a drink. !
 Looking downstream with the water making a small waterfall into a bathing pool on a lower level.
We have walked out of the valley and have then climbed up to the high "Yesso" plateau for a good view of "The Desert".

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Monday, 28 May 2012

The "five star" compost toilet is progressing.

 The base and "receiving chambers" are built. Notice the nice arches.
 The floor is ready to be made, and the concrete to be poured.
Jochan and Leo smoothing the newly laid concrete.

Hot dog, Kuba strimming and a view of the old mill tower used 70 years ago to drop water down ino a turbine building to supply DC electricty for El Rio and Sorbas.

 Hot Dog
 Kuba Strimming
An interesting view of the old mill tower

A look at our environment from a distance, and then a picture from inside the valley. !

 I recently received a picture from Kabul. This looks similarly wild and dry. !
In our Oasis things look very different. !

Dogs on a rock face. !

 Dashinka trying out her mountaineering skills
Princessa taking the lower route.

In the foreground, cleaned strimmed terraces. In the background you can see the river full with caña.

Kuba has done a brilliant job of strimming the terraces. This is a fire protection necessity. !

Moving the tanks for rainwater collection.

 One ton rain water collection tank on the move.
The rain water collection tanks in place. And now - the rain. !!

House and Garen

 The garden and strimmed terraces up to the house.
The garden.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Today we started to replace the roof of Femia's backroom.

 The tiles from the old roof, ready to be replaced.
 The old roof has gone. ! Big clean up. !
 Dashinka under one of the new beams on the move.
Pepa is in the light.