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Monday, 26 November 2012

This is a kit to convert our 3.5 KW Generator to run on Household Gas.

 The pieces.
 A small extension is fitted to the carburetor with a gas entrance in the extension.

 This is the gas regulator which we set for optimal running.

There we are, Up and running. ! 1 bottle lasts 10 hours and costs 17 Euros. I am going to do an accurate check with petrol, however, it looks as though we are saving about 25% on fuel costs, and also emissions are cleaner, so all in all, a good thing to do. Cost 225 Euros. A bit pricy but I think OK. I hope we will one day create bio-gas here, and be able to compress it enough to use as fuel for the generator. Nothing "on the horizon", yet. We wait. !

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