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Friday, 8 November 2013

It is now November 8th. I am back in Spain. 

I left Kew in London and went down to Hampshire and spent a night with my nephew George and his wife Guilia and their three children.

This is a GREAT kitchen. Guilia is Italian and a great cook. !

Here are the "kids".

On up to Woodstock near Oxford to stay with my other nephew Richard and his partner, Lea, who is Danish, and their two children. 

Finally down to London. On the Tube.

With a view of communal gardens from the Tube.

and a gum transplant. Amazing surgery, taking a piece of flesh from the roof of my mouth and planting it on the root of my tooth for future protection.

Then on to stay with my niece Kate and her husband Harvie and their two children, a short overnight stay leaving at 5.00am in the morning to fly back to Almeria. ! 

10 people staying. The front room fully painted, the little salon also.

Here we see a butterfly freshly emerged from a chrysalis.

 Here we see Stephan from Denmark and Robert from Romania working on the Pergola, sanding and varnishing for the Winter.

Kes from England and Jamie from America have been painting outside woodwork.

And here they are.

OK, That brings us up to date. !!

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