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Friday, 1 March 2013

March the First. A walk on the wild side. A photographic trip.

 Remember the Caña Bridge, well it is no more. !! This is exactly where it used to be. !
 On the way to El Tessoro. An abandoned village called "The Treasure"
 El Tessoro
 See the skyline. That's where we are heading. !
 On the way !
 More ruins. !
 Blondina checking the view.
 Dasha checking me.
 The last ruined farmhouse in El Tessoro
 Getting further up the mountain
 And further
 Looking back.
 Arnold Shwartzenegger, known as Shwartze, checking the view.
 Well, we're getting there. Dashinka is waiting for me. !
 Getting fairly high and rugged.
 Schwartzi looking over the top.
 It's beginning to get a bit tricky. !
 A great lookout spot.
 Looking back. Notice the terrace wall. Amazing. I wonder how old it is.
 Finding a way is getting difficult. !
 OK we're off.
 That lump of pure Selenite, Yesso, must have fallen off the mountain. !
 Blondina checking the view.
 Dashinka leading the way.
 We have had to turn back as there is no way up to the plateau for "walkers" and dogs. !
 Looking for a new route.
 Quite a view.
 There is the way up.
 Hot dog!
 OK We are pretty much UP and looking back where we have come from.
 On the plateau. I have "zoomed in"  to the snow on the Filabres.
 The plateau.
 More plateau.
 Getting ready to go back down into the El Rio valley.
 The way down.
 Really quite green. We are on the way down to El Rio.
 You can see the Casa De La Realidad on the other side of the valley.
 Wow. Good colors. !
Almost home.
 Just about in El Rio.
Home just around the corner.


  1. YESS!!!.. so many memories of my trips around rio aquas.. thanks for this refreshments !!

    1. Hey, Lavina, you are welcome. I hope we see you down here again soon. Lots of love to you and Dave XXXX Dave.

  2. Lovely - thanks Dave. I never climbed the other side of the valley, but it's great seeing the photos of your walk. That landscape evokes so many memories!!
    p.s. 5 dogs?? How did that happen - not all local waifs and strays, were they?

    1. Hi Liz,

      Dashinka was the stray, and she had 4 pups, there they are. !!!! Lots of love, David. XX


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