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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

El Rio News Blog

A news update on our village/community.

We now have four Cultural Associations in the Village. 

First of all there is Sunseed, responsible for most of us being here, now in existence for 26 years and still moving forwards with enthusiasm and with an International Outreach. This year they hosted an Eco Village Conference and they hold regular workshops.

Secondly, Jeff and Kirsty with a Cultural Association dedicated to healing and Nature. They host workshops teaching a variety of skills.

Thirdly, Tim  with the Pita Escuela,  and a Solar Powered recording Studio. Check out his web site. It is very inclusive. Tim is recognized Internationally as an expert on the Pita Agave plant. Tim holds workshops, musical evenings, and has many projects on the go including his family's NGO in Ethiopia.

Fourthly, myself with our work to protect the Amazonian Rainforests and our push to implement a UN agreement on Universal Rights for Nature. We have over four million friends of friends on our Facebook Page and we are involved in an International Dialogue over The Rights Of Nature and the situation in Ecuador.

All the houses at the lower end of the village are now occupied and are in various stages of restoration and maintenance. Money is coming into the village from work in gardening, building and from selling. No one here is going hungry in this deep recession.

We have three children under the age of 3 in the village, so the next generation are coming along nicely. ! "Vibes" are good and we are a happy, busy community.

Best wishes and a big hug to you all. David.

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