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Saturday, 19 October 2013

I seem to have had a very full week, lots of "doing" and lots of people visiting and somehow the "blogging" got a bit left out. !!

Robert, myself and Nasko took some very fine Ayahuaska on Wednesday night. I had a great connection to the Abuella, similar and as strong as my connection whilst I was in the Amazon.

Mirjam has been here and has repaired my "wardrobe" fitting zips in jackets, repairing clothes and making cushions. She is an absolute STAR.

Kes and Jamie arrived on Thursday. Kes has worked in the Peruvian Amazon bridging the gap between our Western views and Indigenous views of the world. Jamie has worked in environmental work in Costa Rica. They are renovating and painting all the outside windows. GREAT.

Lucas and his friend Lucas, (they look alike too), are off to San Pedro for two weeks. Nasko has left for Estapona on his "medicine" mission.

Robert is also here, that is Robert from Romania and Madrid. The dogs are well though Blondina has a "cough", happily she is getting better.

Here are a couple of pics from Tuesday's market day in Sorbas. !

I was rather late, so not many fish. !

and as you can see not many people. !

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