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Friday, 10 July 2015

A day assessing our future - 3 months if we are lucky. The situation is serious. The drought is serious.

 Super Intensive Olives. 1,800 trees per hectare
 5,000 tons of water per hectare per year. Juan Carrion has 1,700 hectares  - 500 hectares = 900,000 olive trees = total in planning THREE MILLION TREES

 Drinking water truck on the way to Los Perales
 Drought stricken trees on the road to Los Perales
 No irrigation - no olives on these trees.
 The road to Los Perales
 Los Perales main square
 Population has reduced to 15 people
 People are selling
 The river at Los Perales is no longer a river. The water is shallow and not moving. 
 Looking from Los Perales up towards los Molinos Del Rio De Aguas
 In the protected Nature 2000 El Rio De Aguas
 There is still flowing water and habitat is still intact
 You can see in this picture - the river is very small.
 Small pool and happy dogs
 The site of the "dam" which used to hold water for the tunnel - almost dry
 Showing greatly lowered supply
Well, this is the Nacamiento - or was the Nacamiento. !

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  1. It is a pity that a river is almost dry! It so beautiful. Dogs are very funny)


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