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Friday, 2 December 2016

More adventures on the Irrigaton Line. !

The water was clean this morning so we opened the sluice gate.

The water was not getting through so Errol took the cork out. !

This is the point for releasing air from a sixty meter long tube.

We have water at the next rodding point.

We have an extension pipe for this pipe, reducing the flow into three small holes. This level of overflow shows a strong flow in the line and a probable blockage in the pipe further down. !

So - to the rods and we checked the next fifty seven meters of pipe and the pipe was clean and clear.

The water is not filling the tank, so, tomorrow we look for the hole in the tank. ! The flow down the line is super strong, so I think we will be able to sort this fairly quickly. YESSO to the rescue. !

Next instalment tomorrow.!

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