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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Desert Super Bloom

The rain in December has created a Super Bloom in our semi-arid environment. Here are some pictures from my daily dog walks.

 Past the  El Rio Spring towards Sorbas

Our Oasis
 In our Oasis

 Looking down at the village from the mountain.

 On the mountain
 On the plateau looking across ancient terraces

The dry land terrace on the other side of the river opposite the village of El Rio.
 Up in the mountains above the Nacamiento, (Spring), of El Rio
 A beautiful valley in the mountains.
 On the flood plain at the mouth of El Rio.
 Walking towards Sorbas

 Blondina looking good.!
 Carpets of flowers. !
 Hi there Errol. !
 Towards the old Mill House at the top of the valley.
 Special effects. Favi and Fidel in the flowers.


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