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Saturday, 19 August 2017

August 19th. Another walk up the river. Levels dropping to zero in places.

In the linked "denuncio" which I sent to the European Union in 2015, I predicted the river drying in two years. Unfortunately I was correct. We live in great beauty. All is not lost.


Here are today's pictures.

This picture is taken from a position in the river below the "look out" point.
 We are moving upstream.

 Here we see seriously reduced flow.

 Almost dry.
 A little more water.

 Very poor flow. We will soon be dry here.

 Our smallest dog "Machu Pichu".
 OK. We have a dry river here.
 Just a little water here.
Here you can clearly see the drop in the water level marked by the white lines on the rock.
 These were beautiful bathing pools. The "love pools".
Well, there we are. That is a walk up the river inside our Oasis. The aquifer supplying our river is almost empty. 

The picture below is looking into the valley where I have been taking the pictures. !

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