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Thursday, 19 April 2018

A walk on the wild side.

It was a beautiful morning. Here are some pictures from today's dog walking.

 At play - Fidel, Favi and Blondina. !
 Up to the plateau.
 Casa De La Realidad - looking good.
 It's kind'a dry. !
 On the plateau looking out towards the sea.
 Looking North West.
 Nature is STRONG
 Good for the bees.
 Not a lot of green !
 Looking down into the Nacamiento, (Spring)
 A notable Carob Tree.
 You can see - we are in trouble. ! Water for the village is coming from inside the mountain about 30 meters further up this line of entrances. These tunnels were created 2,000 years ago. Thank you to the Romans. !

 Very small flow.
 Not much left of "the love pools".
 Actually quite shocking. !
 The river s fragmented just below the love pools. It does flow a few meters further on.
 Looking up from the Irrigation Line.
 Looking down the river.
 An excellent new wall from Honsa.
 And another.
 Looking good. Back home.

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