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Saturday, 30 January 2021

A new project in born, Creating essential oils.

 Distillation of eucalypt leaves and water. The Still. 

Eucalypt leaves soaked in water
Filling the still with leaves and water
Setting up - ready for action.
We have eucalypt water.
The maestro - Joshua - keeping an eye on the process. 
Eucalypt water
extracting the oil from the water

Yes, it works and we will upscale. More later. 


  1. so mutch funn and a good team.
    nice, thanks too all.
    thanks Dave fore the pictures and everything else✌🏽🌺🌻🌺🌻

  2. I can tell by the emojis that 'unknown' is Josh!

    This is brilliant btw!!

  3. What is the function of the long hose that winds up and out of sight? And what are the benefits of the eucalyptus water?

  4. Hello Mr.Wolfson
    the eucalyptus water is weary good fore breathing baths , baths ,burning fore good smell, ore Evan fore the skin .

    and that long tube is fore the cooling water , to let it out .
    normally it has a circuit .
    we will be better :)
    saludos Joshua Möller

  5. now beter dancat?😂🤣✌🏽


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