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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday June 30th 2011

These have been busy days. The "suite" at the Pita Escuela also known as Casa Gertruda, and as Casa Medaeval, is now painted and looks great. Kuba, was, as usual, Master Painter, and Mihael was his apprentice and assistant.

Tim has now formed a Cultural Association based in the Pita Escuela. It is named "The Pita Escuela of El Rio De Aguas", and is set up to educate people on the uses of the Agave wood, for workshops, and for education of all things environmentally friendly.

Rozaka has spent the first few months of her life here in El Rio De Aguas, and is now heading for CZ with Mum and Dad, Viktor and Nikita.

Strimming, strimming and more strimming. !! The main terraces are now all cleared. My F350 Sthl strimmer is brilliant and the work has taken less than half the time it has in previous years.

Nashko and Niki have just set off for Germany, hitch hiking from Murcia, where Dave Veevers will leave them. 

Dave's parrot vet lives in Murcia. Dave and Eli now have four parrots and two dogs, Phoenix and Alba. I don't know the parrots' names but I hear that they bark like dogs. !

Estrella from Roquetas has come to stay for a frw days - last seen 6 years ago - nice to see her back.

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