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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday, June 15th., 2011

Yesterday, Tuesday, was a busy day. Down to Almeria in the morning and up to La Conception, north of Vera by lunch time and then in the evening a, "Jam Session" at Timbe's.

I met Hannah at the music session, and we talked about some of the people whom she knew when she was first in the village, which was some years before me, and I am in my 21st year here. !

She was also distressed by the "calling of the Guardia Civil", for "nothing", and is in agreement with  most of us, which is, call the Guards in a real emergency, and not for anything else. !!

Here in the house we have two visitors, who have driven from Portugal, Dzanek and Nashko. Mira, Viktor, Nikita and Rozaka  to arrive later. !

The film crew have confirmed arrival on Friday. They are six people from England. We will be filming for part of a documentary on "Spiritual Awakening".

This morning we have been running with the dogs, scrubbibg the swimming pool, cutting grass and salt bush, house cleaning, cooking and eating. !!

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