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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Pita Escuela. The Agave School

 Note the rounded door and the stones we left in the wall to show the old roof line. Mira's jungle mural is painted on canvas. We used old roof tiles for light shades. Tim uses this room for music making and has a "jam" sessions here every Tuesday.
 On coming through the large front door this is the first room you will enter. Note the Kakelhoven fire. The stove heats the bedroom behind, by heating air in a hollow wall. There is another "hollow wall" upstairs. The door ways were originally rectangular and smaller, and the floors were made of Yesso. Notice Tim's Agave products.
Notice the Solar reflector. It is possible to boil water on this. We have connected this house with my other house "La Casa De la Realidad", running a cable down for electricity and two lines for water, one for the hot supply, generated in the house by a hot water heater, and one for the cold supply. The house has both the "feel" and experience of a "normally" connected house, whereas the reality is that the water comes from a 9,500 litre resevoir under the Casa De la Realidad, and the electricity comes from a 2 KW, (20 Solar Photovoltaic Panels), system, set up on the roof of the Casa De la Realidad.

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  1. For more information about our Pita-School project, please visit: www.pitaescuela.org


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